Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Encourage, Equip and Engage!

by Major Timothy Best, Congregational Life Officer

We all have something that really gets our heart pumping and our feet moving, and for me it is the Kroc Church.

At The Salvation Army Church @ the Kroc it is our mission to:

E3NCOURAGE connection by offering open and exciting worship opportunities.  Providing a place where people can begin to develop relationships and fulfill their sense of belonging are important parts of the worship experiences at the Kroc Church.

 E3QUIP individuals to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord, and grow stronger in their relationships with others.  It is the belief of the Kroc Church that relational interaction and growth are essential in becoming the people God has created us to be.

E3NGAGE individuals through service to their community and to others.  It is through these sharing experiences that hope is born, restoration is made possible, and people’s lives are impacted. 

Now you can see why Kroc Church is my heartbeat!  There are so many ways we can encourage, equip, and engage people, all for God’s Glory!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I studied art in college and for my thesis project, I interviewed every person graduating with an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts). One of the questions I asked was:

“What was your biggest fear upon entering this program?”

Here was a group of 33 incredibly talented, cream of the crop, young artists in San Francisco. Every single one of them, without exception, responded with the same answer:

“I was afraid I’d be found out as not worthy to be in this program.”

Not worthy. ..

It’s a message straight from the heart of Satan as he shouts it across a lifetime. Then, just when you want to give up, he leans in to whisper “check mate” in your ear. You know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you?

The tragedy is that we believe this message of “not worthy” as the truth. I know I have believed it whole heartedly. In fact, I thought that having that kind of “objectivity” on my abilities (or lack thereof), my beauty (or lack thereof), my smarts (or lack thereof), my worth (or lack thereof), was the fair way to play this thing called life.

Imagine a creative, loving God, as witness to this short sell on his creation! Who does it honor when we believe ourselves weak and ill-suited for great things? Who does it honor when we say NO to possibilities? Who says “check-mate” when we do not aspire to give the world the gift of who we are?

God has set beautiful, unique, remarkable things in your heart! Seeing yourself as having a worth only God can create and contributing that worth to your world, is absolutely transformational!

Recognize that to button up and stand tall is not an act of your ego. It is to believe in an abundant, invulnerable worth which comes from an all-loving, creative source. Aspire with the confidence of your God-given worth.

The Kroc Center is the product of many people aspiring to possibilities that could only be achieved because God set himself in them. For all that you aspire to, you belong HERE! Because, if you could see yourself the way God sees you, it would change the way you see the world! It would change everything!

The Kroc Center is a tabernacle of YES forged in the fire of “not likely.” It is a tangible miracle given so that you can begin to see your own.

What is possible because of your “Yes!”? We can’t wait to find out!